Have you ever been confronted by a bully? If you are like most people, then you probably froze. Bullies rely on our human tendency to freeze rather than walk away or fight back.

The trick to not freezing is to notice yourself freezing. I know that sounds strange. You expected some other “trick.” However, at first, you just want to notice yourself freezing when the bullying shows up. It’s by noticing yourself freezing that soon you will be doing something else.

The bully is at the top, in your 5-senses experiencing.

Your emotion shows up at the bottom, in your Mental Experiencing.

Your freezing is an away move. It’s part of the flight, fight or freeze triad you’ve heard about.

Start by noticing this process from the bully to emotion, to freeze.

Do that and we will tackle what else you might do in a later email.

For now, recall those who are important to you.

Be Well!

Dr. Polk

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